New Year, New You

Jade Buchanan

All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2008 Jade Buchanan


Warning: This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.


This was it, Tom was finally sick and tired of hiding it from everyone. He was determined to take a stand now, before it was too late. Of course, it might already be too late. Randy wasn’t talking to him at the moment. Had in fact ignored the last five hundred phone messages Tom had left him. Slight exaggeration, but not by much. He couldn’t even really blame Randy. They’d been dating for over four months, and now Tom had fucked everything up.


It wasn’t that Tom was ashamed of the man, he was immensely proud of Randy and still had a hard time believing they were together. Well, at least he thought they were still together. This was probably his last chance to do something to prove to Randy that he was serious about him.


He breathed deeply, smoothing a palm down his tee shirt. Squaring his shoulders, he opened his car door, stepping out into the cool night. Walking up the pathway, he could hear the revelry from outside. Pushing the door open, he stepped inside the madhouse.


“Moose!” A chorus of deep voices heralded his arrival. Smiling and nodding to a few guys from his hockey team, he continued to push his way in. Moving further into the house, he kept his eyes open for a bright shock of red hair. He knew Randy was coming tonight. It’d taken fifty bucks and a promise not to hurt the man before Randy’s best friend, Evan, had finally agreed to bring Randy to the house party tonight.


All this because he was a complete moron. On New Years it had been his choice to bring Randy to the bar his hockey team was partying at. When the clock struck midnight, Randy had leaned in to kiss him, and Tom panicked. He’d backed away, regretting it instantly when he saw the shocked hurt on Randy’s face. His buddies didn’t even know he was gay, let alone dating someone, but Randy hadn’t deserved that. Hell, Tom had tried to kick his own ass several times in the past week because of what he’d done. Randy was too good for him, he’d always known that, but he wasn’t going down without a fight. He needed the other man in his life.


There he was. Standing with his back to Tom, pushed into a corner beside a very uncomfortable looking Evan. Tom pushed his way through until he was standing behind him. Evan glanced up with narrowed eyes.




Randy tensed his shoulders, turning slowly. His mouth was tight, but he met Tom’s gaze squarely.


“I’m so sorry, baby. I’m a fucking asshole who doesn’t deserve you.”


Jerking in surprise, Randy looked around, probably trying to figure out what the hell had come over him.


“What are you doing?” Randy hissed. “Look, I’ve already forgiven you since I know why you did it. Let’s just go outside.”


“What? You forgive me?”


“Tom, it was an accident, what happened that night. I just got caught up in the celebration. I know how you feel about me, and this isn’t about that. I wouldn’t push you into anything that makes you uncomfortable.”


“So why haven’t you been taking my calls?”


Randy blushed. “I wanted you to suffer a bit, okay? I just got pissed that you’ll tell your mom you’re… you know… and that you have a… you know… and yet you won’t tell your friends. That’s just ass backwards.”


“Oh, you’re so getting your ass spanked for that, baby.”


Opening his mouth to retort, Randy froze, glancing over his shoulder.


“Moose! What’re you doing in the corner here? Hey guys, Moose is here.” The words were accompanied by a hard slap on his back. He tilted his head to glance at Segeney, his linemate. “Come on and drink, buddy. You’re so behind. Hey, there are some fine looking women here tonight. You could have your pick, Moose, my man.”


Tom stared at Randy, tilting his lips to smile shyly down at the man. “Nah, Seg, I’ve already got someone.”


Oooh, Moose has a girl! Hey, Bruiser, did you know Moose was taken.” The blond right wing punched a guy walking past, stopping him in his tracks.


Bruiser nodded hello. “You brought her here, Moose?”


“There’s no girl.” Randy was staring at him in surprise, his baby blue eyes blinking madly. He just couldn’t resist that look. Bending his head, Tom kissed Randy, swallowing the other man’s shocked moan. Their lips clung for a moment. Releasing Randy, he was barely aware of his friends standing beside him. He only had eyes for the man in front of him.


“Sweet, Moose. Better get your man plastered tonight. It’s the only way he’ll let you in his bed. Hell, I sure as hell wouldn’t fuck you. I’ve seen you in the showers, buddy.”


Randy beamed up at him, rolling his eyes at Segeney’s words. “Oh, he won’t have a problem getting me into his bed.” Hoots of laughter surrounded them for a moment, several of his friends coming forward to slap him on the shoulder.


Wow, Tom couldn’t believe he’d actually done it. Putting that look of joy in Randy’s eyes was the best New Year’s Resolution he’d ever made.